Commercial Insurance

Business owners should carefully consider their Commercial Insurance needs, which offer a range of vital protection related to the business. From vehicles to property and the employees within the business, owners can safeguard their investment and lessen the risk of a scenario affecting its growth and presence. The following areas represent some of the primary Commercial Insurance needs that any business should approach

Construction Insurance

Specializing in New York City Construction Insurance, we understand the challenges New York City Contractors face with the high cost of General Liability Insurance, due to the New York labor Law (Section 240). This law mandates that property owners and general contractors are strictly liable, regardless of fault, for injuries sustained by workers of gravity-related accidents.

  • We offer: In-depth knowledge and expertise of New York City Contractors Markets and Insurance products.
  • Our experienced team work to educate our clients on the importance of risk management to limit claims.
  • We offer tools to identify and minimize the risk of loss; reviewing contractor’s insurance policies and contracts, ensuring the correct coverage is in place for the projects and work being performed.
Hospitality Insurance

Regardless of the type of premises that you own: Restaurant, Bar/Tavern, Catering Hall, Nightclub, etc. The correct insurance coverage is key to its success. Some of the important coverages are:

  • Liability insurance- For Trips & Falls.
  • Property Insurance- In the event of a fire, water damage etc.
  • Liquor liability Insurance- In the event a customer who has consumed alcohol injures themselves or another party.

We believe in educating our clients on the correct types of insurance needed to protect them from unexpected losses & claims. By partnering with all the leading insurance companies, we work diligently to put together a comprehensive cost-effective insurance package tailored to each business type and size. We offer superior quality and competitively priced coverage to all our business clients.